Who we are

Established in Italy in 2003, Okolab is a trusted manufacturer renowned for producing high-performance microscope incubators, thermal plates, gas controllers, and meters. Our comprehensive microscopy solutions include Cage Incubators and Stage Top Incubators, compatible with both inverted and upright microscopes. Our specialty lies in creating precise gas and temperature-controlled environments, catering to the most demanding requirements.

Our core mission at Okolab is to empower cutting-edge Live Cell Microscopy and In Vitro Fertilization applications. We have always been at the forefront of innovation, consistently striving to redefine industry standards.


Our Mission

What sets Okolab apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We craft bespoke, intuitive, and dependable products that cater to your unique needs. Our dedication to exceptional pre-sale and post-sale support means that you can rely on us for precise, prompt, and flexible assistance.

At the heart of our philosophy is a customer-centric approach. We offer our expertise and the latest technologies to help you excel in your field of research and activities. Okolab is more than a supplier; we are your partner in achieving excellence.

Our team at Okolab collaborates closely with our customers to anticipate and fulfill both current and future requirements. Our goal is to consistently deliver products and services that exceed expectations, earning the trust and preference of our users.

Furthermore, we consider our partners and distributors as vital members of our team, and we are dedicated to their success. Together, we strive to achieve unparalleled quality and service, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

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Quality Policy

Okolab never compromises on safety, compliance, and reliability of products. The company is committed to compliance with laws and regulations in all countries in which products and services are offered as well as with other voluntary requirements. Okolab has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System to guarantee products’ safety and performance. Okolab continuously works on the optimization of all processes and activities, taking into consideration the feedback received from external and internal parties.
BoD encourages engagement and participation of all global employees and stakeholders in achieving quality objectives. Customer satisfaction requires empowering everybody to actively improve the quality of products and services. BoD ensures that Quality Policy is communicated and understood by employees and interested stakeholders. Quality Policy is documented and reviewed periodically during the Management Review.

January 2003
March 2003
Starts selling microscope incubaors
May 2006
Expands business overseas
June 2007
New enlarged office
October 2010
Enters into IVF market
July 2011
Starts having a positive energy balance with the construction of a solar power plant
April 2012
Release of touch-screen operated BOLD LINE controllers
April 2013
All the 10 best Universities of the world are among Okolab products' users
June 2014
Establishes Okolab USA Inc
December 2015
New enlarged office
May 2016
Establishes Okolab Shanghai Co., Ltd foundation
December 2018
Thousandth peer-reviewed article published by using Okolab products
December 2019
ISO 9001 certification
December 2019
Starts Welfare Program for employees
February 2020
Awarded the Prize #premioindustriafelix as the best small-sized enterprise in its entire region for management performance and financial trustworthiness (chosen among all business sectors)
January 2021
New enlarged office dedicated for the R&D team

Realize your idea with us

Do you have in mind a great product and need a partner to turn your idea into a real business?
At Okolab we are ready to invest in your idea.

The partnership workflow is as it follows:

Step 1. Inventor and Okolab sign of a Non Disclosure Agreement, so that Inventor can freely share the idea with Okolab.

Step 2. Okolab and Inventor cooperate to estimate the business potential of the idea.

Step 3. Okolab and Inventor agree on a partnership deal.

Step 4. Okolab performs: Engineering, Prototyping, Exposure to Scientific Community and Market.

Step 5. Product commercialization.


We care about the environment

At Okolab, we care about the environment! For this reason, in 2012 we incorporated Okopower SRL, to build and operate a 106 kW Photovoltaic Power Plant in southern Italy. Since 2012, OKOLAB is 100% green, because we produce more energy than we consume.

This is our energy balance, in kWh:

- 22,675
+ 119,782
- 43,428
+ 96,054
- 35,348
+ 101,111
- 47,383
+ 95,850
- 43,428
+ 96,054
- 44,927
+ 106,495
- 46,869
+ 89,483
- 55,607
+ 79,820
- 68,160
+ 72,496