The only incubator with total sample feedback

On our 20th anniversary, we are proud to announce our latest, and biggest, breakthrough – the BL3.

Total Sample Control

In-Chamber and closed-loop CO2, Heating, and Humidity feedback, ensuring improved accuracy for precise and reliable experiments.

Ease of Use

Improved user experience with an optimized interface and an efficient design with wireless heated lid, simplifying installation and operation.

Continued Quality

Based on 20 years of incubation experience and backed by an exclusive 3-year warranty on core components.

This latest generation represents a new era in our incubation technology meant to eliminate doubt with your live cell imaging conditions complete sample feedback from the inside. Your samples communicate directly with the sensors, ensuring precision.

The BL3 is the first live cell incubator ever to offer in-chamber sampling and closed-feedback control of CO2, humidity,and temperature levels;
the 3 essential parameters to control for ideal live-cell imaging conditions.

With the BL3, we’re giving you control like never before for your live cell experiments.
Meet BL3: The incubator that gives you total control where it matters most.

Stay tuned as we unveil more details about the future of live cell incubation with the BL3.

Your research deserves nothing but the best, and as always, we’re here to deliver it.